General Housekeeping


When should I arrive and where do I go?

Friday 27th July

Doors open to the main hall from 18.00 for prayer.  There will also be a selection of hot and cold drinks available for your enjoyment

Saturday 28th July

Doors open at 10.30am for registration.  There will be light refreshments and drinks available to you once you have registered and collected your program in the main reception area.

Sunday 29th July

Doors open at 9.30am.  There is prayer before the service between 10.00am – 10.45am.  The cafe area will also be open from 10.00am where you can refresh yourself with drinks and light refreshments.

Is there wi-fi access at the venue?

Unfortunately there is not.

Who can I contact if I have questions during the conference?

Please approach any member of the Refresh organising team or an Usher

What are the arrangements for Lunch?

There will be a number of caterers who will be selling food on the day.  Alternatively, food can be ordered through companies such as: Uber Eats, Hungry House, Chinese Takeaway etc.  There are also a number of  shops and fast food restaurants along Shooters Hill Road.  A dining area will be provided in the gym where your food can be eaten.

Do I need to set any additional monies aside?

Yes, to purchase your lunch whether on site or off site.

You may wish to set additional monies aside to buy resources on sale, snacks etc. An offering is usually received during some of the services.