Children’s Activities

We have got lots planned for your children at Refresh this year.  On Saturday we have activities running during the morning sessions and afternoon workshops.  Registered children will be collected after worship and returned before the end of the sessions and/or workshops.


Children’s Church

During the morning sessions, children’s church will be held for primary aged school children. They will be collected after worship and returned before the Lunch.  It will consist of: activities, songs/worship, prayer and bible based teaching that is both applicable and relevant to primary aged children.  As much as is practically possible we would like as many children to enjoy this time, but where a child is being consistently disruptive they will have to join their parents in the session and/or workshop.


Supervised craft activities

In addition to children’s church, supervised craft activities will also be available during the workshops after lunch. Children who are not yet attending school may attend with an adult (not an older sibling) accompanying them.  It will be quite messy so please bear that in mind!

All of the above activities are accessible and free of charge provided you register by Monday 2nd July.

Important notice for parent/guardians:

  • Supervised Children’s Activities registration form: Please download and complete this form by clicking here. Send your completed form to by Monday 2nd July. Without this form, your child will not be able to access any of our supervised activities because of safeguarding and health & Safety.

For a full schedule of the activities, please visit

Register here: